11 January 2021
How to exchange Bitcoin?
How to exchange Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a powerful investment instrument that gains more popularity; meanwhile, sometimes a person needs to sell BTC for crypto or fiat. Where to exchange Bitcoin?

How to exchange Bitcoin for other crypto or fiat currencies?
Humanity is step-by-step entering the era of cryptocurrencies, as these assets catch more attention from institutional investors. Bitcoin’s growth exceeds 100% this year, leaving gold and stocks much behind. Hence, more people are interested in what is a bitcoin exchange to save their money.
Bitcoin against inflation: where is the real value?
Why people invest in Bitcoin. There are different reasons to explain the crypto boom, while the money-saving function is among the key properties of digital assets. For instance, the U.S. dollar has lost more than 10% of its value within the last 6 years, and this currency is understood as the most stable. What about other currencies? Since 2014, EUR/USD rates have tumbled by 10%, GBP has lost 21% of its value. Meanwhile, there are countries where inflation rates set unbelievable records. The Venezuelan Bolivar has dropped by 40855% within the last 6 years.
People cannot rely on paper money, and they are looking for ‘safe harbors’. In 2020 BTC trading volumes set two all-time high records – in March ($70 billion) and in May ($72 million), and the statistics show people are interested in joining a Bitcoin exchange.
How can a person spend Bitcoins?
Foremost, a newcomer should understand where to exchange Bitcoin, and which steps are mandatory?
• Foremost, a person should understand which platform to select.
There are many requirements for a crypto platform. For instance, B2BX is a fully-licensed exchange that meets EU requirements and places users’ funds in cold storage and regulated banks; hence, the highest protection is guaranteed.
• When a wallet is opened, holders are accessible to crypto investments. Choose the most convenient way to refill your account.
B2BX offers both card and wire transfers, while fees are among the lowest. Investors may deposit and withdraw money easily. The exchange has the best offer for users interested in how to exchange Bitcoin for cash.
• Use BTC on your own.
There are numerous ways to spend Bitcoins, but most users prefer trading, as a promising mechanism to gain profit. Meanwhile, profitable trading requires a newcomer to become a professional, diving into the world of technical analysis and various graphic tools. A Bitcoin exchange guide contains many factors that impact the BTC price. The experts recommend exchanging Bitcoin for top digital assets with high liquidity.
Why do hodlers need to exchange Bitcoins?
At present, more than 40 million businesses globally are Bitcoin-accepting; hence a person may purchase goods and services in BTC. Meanwhile, there are situations when a hodler needs other digital assets to diversify their portfolio. Furthermore, users may sell BTC for fiat assets. You can use a Bitcoin exchange calculator to understand how much you may get for 1 BTC. B2BX suggests a quick and convenient way to withdraw money.
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