16 December 2020
Crypto mining vs. trading
Crypto mining vs. trading

Cryptocurrency provides many options for making a profit. Mining and trading are the main methods that have their advantages and features.

A good way to get a profit - crypto mining vs. trading
Cryptocurrencies are a new phenomenon in our life that appeared a little over ten years ago. It was then that people learned what Bitcoin (the first cryptocurrency) was. It is a special mathematical algorithm that contains transaction data and allows you to make transactions around the world quickly, confidentially, and securely. Also, cryptocurrency also has some features.
• Lack of inflation. Many fiat currencies can be depreciated due to additional emissions, which will make the cost lover. Cryptocurrencies are a mathematical algorithm that has a finite number of coins, so there is no inflation.
• Crypto mining. Many cryptocurrencies can be mined independently. You can receive Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other currencies as a reward for a decrypted block of data.
• Volatility. The value of cryptocurrencies varies greatly over each period. Therefore, a professional trader can make good money by making a correct forecast.
Two ways can be profitable, but you need to figure out which of these options is the most effective and conduct analyze mining vs. trading cryptocurrency.
What is crypto mining?
Mining is obtaining cryptocurrency on computer equipment, by searching for a certain number from a huge array of information with certain parameters set by the system. These are not some abstract tasks but in particular the confirmation of transactions (transfers) of funds within the system. Such tasks are formed into blocks.
Earlier, to earn cryptocurrency in this way, a simple home computer was enough, which was quite capable of calculating blocks in a series of algorithms. But today, an ordinary PC can no longer compete with more advanced and powerful systems specially created for the production of cryptocurrencies.
Many users want to know how does crypto mining work. The information in the block is decrypted by the selection method. For this, the system needs a great computing power. For efficient mining, single systems are merged in a mining pool, which is a server that distributes tasks to find a number among all participants.
The network forms a block with built-in cryptographic protection, which functions without a single settlement center and a controlling institution. The basis of the network is an infrastructure of thousands of independent nodes (servers or individual personal computers with the appropriate software), in which registers of all transactions are collected and stored especially. Information in one of them can be changed only with subsequent synchronization with all others. The record of each transaction is necessarily confirmed by the network distributed around the world.
All these nodes, for a reward from the system in the form of a certain amount of bitcoins, process random payments using a PC. In this system, everything is interconnected and transparent. The only information that is not available is data on the owners of electronic wallets.
How to start crypto mining?
With the advent of coins, mining could be carried out on standard personal computers. To do this, it was necessary to install the necessary software and create an electronic wallet to which the extracted cryptocurrency would be withdrawn. For a smooth process, you needed an internet connection and a 24/7 computer.
In 2010, the first software appeared that made it possible to use the power of a video card for mining. The graphics processor in a video card consists of hundreds of graphics cores, then the mining process on video cards has become more efficient and yielded significantly higher results than on processor power.
For effective mining, you need to assemble a computer that will meet certain requirements. For example, a motherboard must work flawlessly 24 hours a day and be able to organize the work of the maximum number of video cards. The element base of such motherboards should consist of solid-state capacitors and as many ports for video cards as possible, which are connected through splitters. And the main thing is the video card. The efficiency of mining depends on their performance and quantity. The greater their quantity and quality, the faster the positive result will be.
Crypto mining vs. day trading
Another option for making money on cryptocurrencies is trading. The value of digital assets changes every minute. A professional trader can analyze all factors, make fundamental analysis, and make a correct forecast. Trading with a reliable broker can bring good profits.
Trading is making a profit from fluctuations in the price of assets, which changes under the influence of supply and demand. Currently, a large number of investors who have invested in various cryptocurrencies are actively conducting trading speculations on crypto exchanges, earning on the difference in the cost of buying and selling. This method has certain advantages:
• To earn cryptocurrencies by conducting trade transactions with digital coins, you do not need special financial education.
• The cryptocurrency market does not have a single control center, and banking structures and other market makers have no control over this area.
• When trading cryptocurrency, you don't have to study overly complex and intricate financial statements and long summaries of profit and loss. You only need to monitor the statistics on the dynamics of market capitalization for various cryptocurrencies and use simple methods of technical analysis of the market.
The most popular ways to profit from trading cryptocurrencies are investment and speculation. The first method involves buying at the best price (you will need to study the market and find the best entry points to the deal) and selling at the maximum cost. Practice shows that a large number of modern millionaires have made their capital thanks to the right investments in cryptocurrency.
Speculative trading takes place on the sites of different brokers. CFD contracts are great for this. They are popular on all exchanges and attract the attention of crypto traders. The main condition is to choose a quality broker that provides the maximum level of convenience and security. Many sites offer the use of leverage to make large trades. Choosing the right strategy, quality tactics, and careful analysis are the ingredients for success in cryptocurrency trading.
Crypto mining vs. trading is a good way to make money with cryptocurrencies. The first method is more reliable, the return on investment can take a long time. The second option is riskier but more profitable. Especially if you have chosen a quality and reliable broker as a partner.
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